December 09, 2009

QuestNet Malaysia Brings You Superior Convenience with its New e-Debit Facility

QuestNet Malaysia understands the increasing importance of electronic banking in today’s rapid development of smart technology.  For this reason, we are pleased to add another facility for the benefit of our customers.

Newly acquired, the e-Debit [MEPS] - (Malaysian Electronic Payment System) is another convenient and safe way to pay for your purchases. This will enable you to debit the transaction amount from your savings or current account.  You never have to carry a large amount of cash with you again!
What’s more…

It will provide better cash management and peace of mind as all transactions are PIN based. See (below) diagram for further details.

To be eligible for this e-Debit service, IRs’ and retail customers must transact their purchases at QuestNet Malaysia Office and must hold an ATM card belonging to one of the following financial institution linked to MEPS:

1. Affin Bank 
2. Bank Islam 
3. Maybank 
4. Agrobank 
5. CIMB Bank 
6. Public Bank 
7. Alliance Bank 
8. EON Bank 
9. RHB Bank 
10. AmBank 
11. Hong Leong Bank 

Take advantage of this service from 9 December 2009!

For further information on payment options, kindly contact our Network Support Centre at: Tel: +603-79679800


December 07, 2009

Official Direct Selling Supporter of the Asian Football Confederation Champions League 2009-2012

The AFC Champions League is the platform from which football legends are made. The pages in Asian football’s history books are constantly being filled with unforgettable goals, the overcoming of adversity, and on-field feats that prove these players are the best of the best.

On the football field, the determination is powerful and motivating. The excitement is authentic and exhilarating. The desire is strong and rewarding. The success is real and obtainable.

The field of direct selling is no different.

Just as the AFC Champions League is the breeding ground of football champions and the showcase in which they excel, QuestNet is the platform for performance amongst the entrepreneurial go-getters of this world. Like their football-playing counterparts, QuestNet Independent Representatives dream big, perform big, and consequently, achieve big. Living the lifestyle they want in a business they are passionate about, QuestNet IRs, like footballers, get paid for doing what they love.

The AFC Champions League 2009 season will create heroes. It will showcase elite performance. It is football at Asia’s finest… Brought to you by the AFC and officially supported by QuestNet.


December 06, 2009

QuestNet Malaysia Brings You Something Extra

It is QuestNet Malaysia’s pleasure to announce a new joint partnership with Public Bank Berhad to bring our customers even more convenience and benefits.

Exclusively for our QuestNet Malaysia customers, the affiliation will enable all Public Bank Berhad Credit Card holders a special 6 or 12 months Extended Payment Plan – with 0% interest!

To be eligible for this Extended Payment Plan, IRs and retail customers must swipe their Public Bank Berhad Credit Card through the Credit Card terminal at QuestNet Malaysia Office, with a minimum purchase of MYR500.

Take advantage of this new payment plan from 3 December 2009!

For further information on payment options, kindly contact our Network Support Centre at: 
Tel: +603-79679800 or alternatively via email :


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